A message from Bill Marvin, The Restaurant DoctorSM and restaurant marketing guru, Joel Cohen:

Are your sales up when those around you are down? Are you having your best year ever? If so, that makes you one of the dangerous ones ... and we have an offer you can't (or at least shouldn't) refuse.

Tough times have caught up to many operators ... but there are a few renegades who didn't get the memo ... rebels who refuse to participate in the recession ... radicals whose sales and profits are actually UP and who are enjoying their best year ever.

What do you think would happen if a small group of these unconventional operators got together behind closed doors for three days to share best practices? Do you think they could learn something from each other?

Count On It!

We suspect that the good will get even better ... and the information generated from the group will be priceless. But the Universe rewards action and the only way to answer these questions for sure is to make it happen.

The current economy presents unprecedented opportunities for those savvy enough to grasp them. Twice before Bill has gathered a group of unconventional thinkers to share ideas, and both times the impact was off the charts! This is why we think that it is time for a third Restaurant Radicals Roundtable (Rad3), this time in New Orleans.

Rad3 will be a mastermind event of the first order -- a forum for successful restaurateurs who are secure enough in their grasp of the business to be willing to share what they know and learn from their peers -- a frank, no-holds-barred exchange of ideas to explore what is working and what their next moves might be in these interesting times.

Should You Be Part of The Rad3 Group?

This is not an event for everybody ... but if you are responsible for an independent restaurant or a small restaurant group whose sales or profits are up over last year, we should definitely talk.

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