The Daily Diary of a Wandering Restaurateur
The People in Shenyang

With me it is always about the people ... and we were well cared-for all the time we were here. Before we leave Shenyang on this photo tour, let me introduce you to some of the players ...

Yaoxin Chen (sounds like "Yow Shin") was the chief instigator. He was the one who originally contacted my about the project and acted as our interpreter for the whole ten days -- surely an exhausting job. Our contact with the restaurants was a delightful woman who I believe is related to either Miao or Yaoxin in some way. In any event, she is a member of the family that owns the properties. My colleague Marv Hunt would have worked with me on the training project if it had happened. As it turns out, it appears the whole trip was really so that Marv could meet Miao (sounds like "Meow"), his future wife!

What a wonderful group of people!

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