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December 14 - Escazu

Today they installed my new smile at Dentavac ... and I like it! I have a lot of respect for the professionalism of this group, an opinion that seems to be shared by others familiar with the practitioners in the market. While they were making my final adjustments and making sure the bite was right, Margene was in an adjacent room getting her teeth cleaned and whitened. She looks terrific, too!

We went right from the dentist to Margene's appointment with the French cosmetic surgeon in San Jose. Traffic was a mess (as usual) and once again I was glad to have discovered Federico, a local driver who has been driving us around to all our various appointments and events. There is no way I could have found my way around -- or around the tie-ups -- if I was trying to do it on my own. Thanks to Alex Murray (Lake Arenal) for advising me not to even try it!

I think Margene came away from her consultation more confused about the whole "harmonic scalpel" idea than before she went in ... but at least she has had a chance to get a number of questions answered about various procedures, prices and processes. Whether she decides to do anything about it or not remains to be seen ... but if you are going to get it done, this is the place to do it.

A stop at Bagelmen's to stock up for breakfast and we took the rest of the afternoon off, relaxing until Federico came by to get us for dinner. Tonight it was Inka Grill, a Peruvian restaurant that all the locals raved about. We were in Peru in 2004 for my 60th, but Margene was sick a lot of the time and really didn't experience that much of the cuisine. Inka Grill is a small local multi-unit restaurant group -- one of the few that wasn't oriented toward quick service. The food was everything we were led to expect and a bit more. These folks really understand restaurants.

Tomorrow is our last full day here and we have been trying to figure out how best to spend it. I think a massive shopping run is the direction we are headed! More on that tomorrow.

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Inka Grill

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