Watch this site for the daily diary of a wandering restaurateur in Europe.

The daily diary often gets posted in a rather abbreviated format just due to time pressures. As other thoughts occur, I will frequently update previously posted pages. (Must be the author in me.) Sometimes, I will even go back and add photos.

All this is just to say that if you find the running commentary interesting, you might want to re-check some of the past days' write-ups for additions. Understand, too, that finding Internet connections in the backwaters of Europe can be sporadic at best, so while the diary may be written every day, I am rarely able to upload it every day. Have patience.

Monday, April 30 - Seattle to Rome via Detroit and Paris (whew!)
Tuesday, May 1 - Ostia Antica
Wednesday, May 2 - The Road to Tuscany
Thursday, May 3 - Montepulciano in the Rain
Friday, May 4 - Friends from Afar
Saturday, May 5 - Montepulciano - Still Raining!

Sunday, May 6 - The Road to Panicale
Monday, May 7 - Cortona and Panicale
Tuesday, May 8 - The Road to Amalfi
Wednesday, May 9 - Positano
Thursday, May 10 - Amalfi
Friday, May 11 - The Road to Rome
Saturday, May 12 - The Road to Santorini

Sunday, May 13 - First Impressions of Santorini
Monday, May 14 - Thira/Fira/Whatever
Tuesday, May 15 - At Home in Ia

Wednesday, May 16 - Around Santorini
Thursday, May 17 - Feelin' Good in the Neighborhood
Friday, May 18 - Far Niente
Saturday, May 19 - The Soggy Road to Athens

Sunday, May 20 - Sweatin' With the Oldies
Monday, May 21 - Adios to Athens
Tuesday, May 22 - Gig Harbor, Here We Come!

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