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The daily diary often first gets posted in a rather abbreviated format just due to time pressures. As other thoughts occur, I will frequently update previously posted pages with additional commentary (must be the author in me) and new photos.

All this is just to say that if you find the running commentary interesting, you might want to re-check some of the past days' write-ups for additions. Understand, too, that while finding Internet connections is getting easier, it can still be a challenge. So while I strive to write the diary every day, I am rarely able to upload it every day. Have patience.

Three hours before we were originally scheduled to leave for the airport, Margene woke me up, sick as a dog -- dizzy, migraine, nausea -- so ill she could barely stand, let along walk, certainly in no shape to fly! There was no other option but to cancel our flight, diagnose the problem and see where that left us. Fortunately it turned out to be just a nasty virus and she's feeling better.

I spent the better part of two days re-figuring a way to salvage at least some of the trip (and rationalizing the need to now fly it all in coach while using more frequent flyer miles than we originally needed for our business class seats!) But I worked it out, made a few adjustments to the itinerary and we are setting off again, two days later than originally planned. We sacrificed Barcelona and Tangier, but that will only make the trip a little less hectic ... and give us a good reason to return.

So once again our brave little safari sets forth into the dark of the jungle ...

Thursday, May 10 - Finally On Our Way! Seattle to Amsterdam via Vancouver
Friday, May 11 - Amsterdam to Barcelona

Saturday, May 12 - Hola Sevilla
Sunday, May 13 - Discovering Seville
Monday, May 14 - The Road to Portugal
Tuesday, May 15 - Into the Hills
Wednesday, May 16 - Exploring the Hot Spots
Thursday, May 17 - A Trip To the End Of the Earth
Friday, May 18 - The Road to Arcos

Saturday, May 19 - Around Ronda
Sunday, May 20 - Between a Rock and a Soft Place
Monday, May 21 - Doin' Nothin' In Nerja
Tuesday, May 22 - Hanging Around the Gelato Stand
Wednesday, May 23 - I Could Learn To Like This Place!
Thursday, May 24 - The Short Road to Granada
Friday, May 25 - The Alhambra and Other Wonders
Saturday, May 26 - The Road to Cordoba

Sunday, May 27 - Exploring Cordoba
Monday, May 28 - Bright Lights, Big City
Tuesday, May 29 - Milling About in Madrid
Wednesday, May 30 - Adios Espana
Thursday, May 31 - Madrid to Seattle via Atlanta

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