Watch this site for the daily diary of a wandering restaurateur in Ireland.

The daily diary often first gets posted in a rather abbreviated format just due to time pressures. As other thoughts occur, I will frequently update previously posted pages with additional commentary (must be the author in me) and new photos.

All this is just to say that if you find the running commentary interesting, you might want to re-check some of the past days' write-ups for additions. Understand, too, that while finding Internet connections internationally is getting easier, it can still be a challenge. So while I strive to update the diary every day, I am rarely able to upload it every day. Have patience.

Tuesday, April 15 - Seattle to Dublin via JFK
Wednesday, April 16 - The Road to Cashel
Thursday, April 17 - The Rock of Cashel
Friday, April 18 - A Good Friday in Kinsale
Saturday, April 19 - Go West Young Man

Sunday, April 20 - Conquering Cobh
Monday, April 21 - They Call it Stormy Monday
Tuesday, April 22 - Old Friends Newly Met
Wednesday, April 23 - Kissin' Kinsale Goodbye
Thursday, April 24 - The Road to Kenmare
Friday, April 25 - A Slight Change of Plans
Saturday, April 26 - Damp, Damp Dingle

Sunday, April 27 - Here Comes the Sun
Monday, April 28 - Doin' the Dingle
Tuesday, April 29 - Off to Ennis
Wednesday, April 30 - Bummin' Around the Burren
Thursday, May 1 - Castles R Us
Friday, May 2 - Cruisin' Connemara
Saturday, May 3 - Galway and Beyond

Sunday, May 4 - Traipsing Around Trim
Monday, May 5 - Hangin' With the Oldies
Tuesday, May 6 - Doin' Dublin? Not!
Wednesday, May 7 - Dublin to Seattle via JFK

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