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July 18 - Sorrento

We tucked into our little sleeping compartment on the train from Venice at 11:30 last night and rolled into Naples around 10am. All in all, a very civilized way to travel (if a bit cramped.) In the few times I have done it, I find the rocking of the train very soothing.

The connection from Naples to Sorrento was just downstairs in the main train station and for once we only had to wait ten minutes between connections. The Circumvesuviana line runs from Naples to Sorrento via Pompeii. It is a bit like a subway train in appearance and, at least for the last third of the trip, a lot like a subway period -- lots of tunnels through the mountains.

We arrived without reservations but found a nice spot on the quiet side of town on our second try. The feeling in the south is definitely different from Venice. In some ways, a lot like the difference in feeling between San Francisco and LA. All in all, the weather has been cooperating well. It has been warm but not too hot and generally with a cooling breeze.

Today was a regeneration day. After a leisurely lunch on the terrace at La Minervetta (proscuitto with melon, sauteed clams, spaghetti carbonara, risotto with mussels and a bottle of Greco di Tufo, a delightfully light, dry wine) we settled in for a siesta and just never regrouped! We woke up around 7pm and decided to just stay put! Does this mean we are getting old . . . or just smarter? Sometimes the best vacations are where you do little or nothing, but in a pretty spot!

At this stage of the trip, I have still been unable to get online. I can call out on the phone but it is not recognizing whatever the modem is sending it. Very frustrating. I suspect I will have to find a local computer nerd to figure out how to make it all work.

Ristorante La Minervetta


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