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May 23 - Prague

It has been a long day. Up early in Seattle. Five hours to New York then another seven hour flight to Prague. We arrived in Prague around 8am local time, picked up the rental car and then miraculously found our way through the city maze to the home of Marcela Safarikova where we will be staying for a few days. We are connected with Marcela through the Affordable Travel Club network, an amazingly civilized idea started several years ago by our (now) friends, John and Suzanne Miller of Gig Harbor.

Within fifteen minutes after we dropped our bags, Marcela had us on a bus into town. You don't even want to think about trying to move around Prague in a private car -- too much traffic and too little parking. In any event, we got a fast primer on public transportation and found that it was truly convenient and efficient. Trams, busses and even a couple of subway lines seem almost out of place in a city as ancient as this. (The part of Prague known as the "new town" started in 1349!) Once we got into town, Marcela got us roughly oriented, helped up buy a handful of transit tickets and then headed off to her part time job as a tour guide.

We wandered a bit and found ourselves bucking the crowds in the old town square in front of the famous astronomical clock -- well actually, we sat in a sidewalk café and had a beer while the tour groups gathered, bumped and jostled to watch the hourly performance of this historic timepiece! After that, we grabbed a quick lunch in another little café over by the river, caught a tram back to the house . . . and crashed! I don't know why going east seems to be the hardest direction of travel to adjust to, but I find I am more jet-lagged in that direction than when I travel west. Go figure.

Six hours later, I woke up hungry. Margene was still down for the count so I walked a few blocks to a small restaurant that looks like it is part of something like an RV park and had a quick dinner. Well actually, no meal seems to be quick in Prague . . . but more on that in the restaurant section. Tomorrow we will make another run at the big city and figure out the next piece of the itinerary.

The Astronomical Clock

Preliminary impressions of Prague restaurants

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