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June 4 - St. Gilgen

We are about 2/3 of the way through our trip and must be wearing down. We had thought about going into Salzburg today, but a light rain in the early morning was enough to kill that idea. By the time we finished breakfast it had started to clear up, but I wanted to figure out how to solve my computer hassles and Margene wanted to wander around town, so that became the order of business. Both of us were successful! After 45 minutes on the phone to the AT&T Help Desks in both the US and Austria, I think we finally solved the problem of how to get me connected so I could send e-mail. This has been an ongoing struggle this year and, I suspect, will only get worse unless something is done to crack down on spammers, as all the restrictions have been in reaction to that particular phenomenon.

We decided to stay close to home today. The whole town is incredibly picturesque and draws a fair number of visitors. We have been hearing some English spoken on the street for the first time in over a week. Whether that is good or bad remains to be seen but at least there is not a line of tour busses ... yet. After wandering around town for a bit, we had a late lunch at the Gasthof zur Post about three blocks away from where we are staying. They had an interesting little outdoor area that covered with an awning and glassed in at the sides. The presence of a propane space heater gave me the impression that they use this area more than just during the warm summer months. This is also a ski area in the winter (a gondola heads up the mountain right from town) and we thought a trip to the top would at least salvage some semblance of activity from the day, but the skies were threatening and a few stray afternoon raindrops put that project off until another day. So we just poked around until it was nap time!

The only other work we had on the schedule was dinner (another tough day on the road!) so we headed down toward the lake to see what we could find. Location really is a major factor. We liked the look of the Seegasthaus Fisher Wirt which roughly translates into the Fischer Seafood Restaurant by the Lake, a fairly descriptive title I thought. They are right on the water and the view is staggering! The photo shows their outside deck but it was getting rather windy so we opted for a window table in the dining room. Same view but much warmer.

Tomorrow we will HAVE to get a little more serious. I expect that Salzburg will be the destination of choice. It is going to have a certain amount of city qualities -- not our favorite thing -- but we can't be this close and not at least see some of it. We'll make that decision over breakfast.

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