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June 7 - St. Gilgen in the Rain

Rain, rain, rain. All day. What do you do in St. Gilgen in the rain? If you are Margene, you shop! If you are Bill, you read. There is really not a lot to report on our last day in St. Gilgen. It was a day of tying up loose ends, of picking up the little goodies that we had been circling around for the past several days. The weather, of course, was nasty but we really can't complain as we have had decent weather for most of the trip

We have maintained that it is always about the people, so rather than drag this out today, I will introduce you to another of the amazing people we have run into on the trip, 82-years-young Maria Jajcanin from Munich. We are off to the Czech Republic in the morning. With luck, I will be able to get online and keep the final reports coming.

Meet Maria

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