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June 9 - The Road to Prague

If we had known that Cesky Krumlov would be so charming -- and the shopping so good -- we might have not stayed so long in St. Gilgen . . . but we are due in Prague and it is time to go. The trip back was a fairly easy drive although we did not find a four-lane road until just before we got to Prague. We did, however, have an interesting lunch at the Hotel S.E.N. The initials stand for Steve's European Notion and quite a notion it was -- a four-star hotel in a very interesting architectural style beside the road in the middle of nowhere! Lunch was definitely farther up the food chain than we had been for awhile but the presentation and service were superb. I include photos of the hotel and the way they put the Wow in a fairly pedestrian item like chicken wings.

We wound our way through the streets of Prague and out to Marcella's like we were natives. It was great to see her and Jari again and to settle back into our little basement apartment for the last time. We were too tired to do anything very adventurous for dinner, so Margene went to bed early and I went down the street to the RV park where I had eaten on our first pass through Prague. Travel days are so uneventful!

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