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June 10 - Prague in the Rain

About now, the major focus has turned toward getting home. This always seems to happen about two days before the actual departure no matter how long the trip has been. All our shopping is done and Marcella is guiding us on a tour through the Prague Castle complex tomorrow, so there is really not a lot of incentive to even get out of bed today! But, troopers that we are, we rolled out and caught the tram into town with only a vague game plan. Due to quirks in the Czech phone system, I cannot connect to the Internet via Marcella's phone line so we needed to find an Internet Café so I could at least monitor e-mail. I also had promised a speaking colleague in Seattle that I would deliver some photos to the staff of his favorite little restaurant in Prague. That was really the extent of our ambition today.

Since the restaurant was on the other side of the Charles Bridge and since we knew there was an Internet Café over there as well, it seemed like the obvious place to start. Turns out the Internet spot was closed on Monday so the next order of business was to find the restaurant. About then it started to rain but we managed to locate the restaurant and get in out of the drizzle. It was late for lunch so we had the place pretty much to ourselves. As we enjoyed a typical Czech lunch, we also learned that there had been a management change at the restaurant three months before and all of John's friends were long gone. So much for the delivery service . . . but the restaurant was quite pleasant and the food was good.

After we crossed back over the bridge to the main part of town, we found another Internet Café and finally managed to get online. Imagine my surprise and delight to find a message from someone in Israel. "We were recently in Slovenia and found a camera with your business card in it. Is this yours?" You betcha! We both had a feeling that the camera would eventually show up. When I get it back, I hope to be able to fill in some of the missing shots from Slovenia. The end result is that Margene can now have her own digital camera!

By now we had engaged in about as much productive activity as we could handle for one day! The rain made sightseeing impractical and our energy levels were down anyway, so we caught the tram back to Marcella's. After a brief nap, we headed down to the RV park again for dinner. (It is the only restaurant in the area.) As usual, the food was quite good and it was interesting to note that our meal, even with a couple of beers, was about a third of what we had dropped for lunch at the Hotel S.E.N. yesterday! I love dining on the local economy!

Marcella and Jari

U Bile Kuzelky

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