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The plan was to head to Autun for their market day. We are big fans of European street markets ... but it looks like we are going to get closed out on this trip. A hazard of the season, I suspect. Oh we drove to Autun with high hopes -- particularly of picking up some rotisserie chicken and potatoes cooked in the drippings -- but were disappointed to find only a couple of stalls selling coats! We will have to make up for it on our trip in May.

So we did the American thing and drove around burning up fossil fuel. We ran into a few interesting discoveries along the way ... but the biggest surprises seem to be in our own back yard.

Two hours of touring and we were ready for a light lunch, another stroll around town and an afternoon of relaxing. We have one more full day available tomorrow and then it is all traveling from Friday on. Stay tuned for the exciting finale!

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