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May 7 - Last Day in Hangzhou

Today was pretty much a shopping day, even though we didn't buy much of any consequence. The product of choice seemed to be silk and it is hard to spend any time in the Silk Specialty Street of Xinhua Road (China Silk Town) without giving in. Originally this area was the venue for silk production and trade in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Now it is a multi-block warren of wall-to-wall silk vendors. Best of all, it is only a block from our hotel.

Neither of us are really shoppers, but we ARE getting close to the end of the trip and we usually take advantage of our spring trips to stock up on goodies for holiday gifts. If you are on the list, you are really going to like what we have for you!

We have found that a good breakfast seems to eliminate the need for much in the way of lunch, so we headed to the China Silk Museum to see what they had to offer ... and to check out stories we heard about the prices in their shops. The fact that we returned to China Silk Town to finish the shopping should give you a clue that we thought their prices were just too high.

A light dinner and we called it a day. Tomorrow is a travel day and there is packing to do (and trip reports to write!) More tomorrow from the southern city of Guilin, another amazingly beautiful area in this amazingly beautiful country.

Silk? You Want Silk? I Got Yer Silk Right Here!

Hangin' Out in Hangzhou

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