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A Down Day in Wine Country

Never underestimate the healing power of a good night's sleep ... particularly after nearly 24 hours in transit!

Our house-mates are arriving later today so we pretty much had an open day. When our hostess, Maureen, invited us to accompany her to the market in Branne this morning, we jumped on it. Street markets are a centuries-old tradition in Europe and one of the great delights about visiting here.

Farmers markets are the closest thing we have to this phenomenon but they are not (yet) the integral part of life that the weekly markets are here. There are still US-type supermarkets and smaller convenience store-like places around, but many people still do the bulk of their shopping at the street market.

That story is shared in pictures, so if each is worth a thousand words ... the tale is better told that way. Over the course of the next two weeks, you will come to see more of these events and perhaps start to understand it better.

We had thought we might go to Saint Emilion after the market, but Margene was more tired than she thought she would be and we just went back to the B&B where she spent most of the day resting ... just like the doctor told her to do!

Then it was a run to the TGV (super-speed train) station in Bordeaux to meet Steve and Lynn Zornetzer's train and grab a quick dinner. They picked up their rental car and headed back to the B&B with Margene and I waited for Eric and Heidi Person to arrive on a later train from Paris.

When we got back to Beau Sejour, Maureen had the bread and wine waiting. Many welcoming toasts later, we all rolled off to bed in anticipation of settling into our first house in Sarlat on Friday afternoon.

Branne Market

Beau Sejour

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