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The rain has gone, at least for now, and it is time to venture out and see a bit of the area. Since we barely got our market fix in Sarlat yesterday, we headed a few miles west to the Sunday market in the town of St. Cyprien.

The day was perfect -- warm and sunny without being too hot -- and there was quite a crowd along the main street. Margene hadn't had her daily capuccino so we found a cafe by the fountain in the middle of town and just watched people for awhile. Eventually everyone else in our group saw the deep wisdom of this plan and joined us for coffee ... and to discuss where to go from here.

It was Heidi's birthday, and we thought that a picnic by the river would be the right thing to do. (How those two facts are connected is still unclear!) So we went foraging among the vendors, came up with a lovely array of food choices, bought a couple of bottles of wine and headed off to find our picnic.

We didn't come up with a grassy patch by the water but we did end up on a picnic table at the base of a castle on a hill. Close enough!

You can eat well when you shop at a street market.

After exploring the castle for awhile -- which involved some serious climbing -- we headed back to the house to lie about next to the pool, read, nap and generally recharge the batteries. Dinner was going to be omelettes with a truffle we got at the market but instead turned into another extended urban picnic of leftovers from lunch.

Life is good.

St. Cyprien Market

Climbing Castelnaud

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