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Divide and Conquer

Another day, another question of what to do ... or not to do at all. The other four opted for a trip to the 17,000 year-old cliff dwellings while Margene preferred to spend the day wandering around Sarlat.

I had spent three hours trying to get my weekly e-letter written and get caught up on the trip reports, but getting an Internet connection was slow and tedious so I finally gave up.I'll try to finish up at least some of it in the morning before we head off to the hinterlands for the night.

Our house in sarlat rents from Friday to Friday (because of the big Saturday market), but our next house -- same owners -- is a more typical Saturday to Saturday rental. This means we had to find a place to stay on Friday night. But I digress ...

Margene and I got as far as an omelette for lunch at the neighborhood cafe, but by then it was getting too hot to wander the streets so we figured we could always go tonight. So we headed back to the house for another afternoon of reading and napping. Life is tough.

The group reassembled and headed into town for the first night market of the season with a plan to pick up some goodies and make it a meal in the park. Given the mobs we had seen at the other two Sarlat markets we expected something of some size. Instead we found eight organic vendors and virtually no customer traffic. That had to be disappointing for them, but perhaps it gets bigger as they get into the prime tourist season.

So we stopped for a beer in the main plaza and set off in search of dinner, finally deciding on the Bistro de l'Octroi just around the corner from our house. It was awesome ... and a perfect way to mark our last night in Sarlat.

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