The Daily Diary of a Wandering Restaurateur
Boys and Girls

The morning dawned with dense fog over the river. It dissipated quickly, though, and left us with a sunny day that was a little cooler than the past few. No complaints from this group about that.

The ladies headed off to tour the gardens at Marqueyssac, the guys to do manly things like finding charcoal for tomorrow night's barbecue and re-stocking the wine supply.

As usual, much of the afternoon was devoted to reading and napping but we had some unexpected entertainment during the cocktail hour(s) -- four hot air balloons adding some color to the green hills.

Dinner on the terrace was another market masterpiece -- paella, stuffed calamari in an obscenely good tomato sauce, fresh green salad with slivers of rotisserie chicken and rabbit and assorted goodies from the local patisserie for dessert.

Life is good on the river

Morning and Marqueyssac

Manly Things

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