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A Quickie in Paris

When you fly on a reward ticket, you often have to compromise on the dates you travel. That's what happened to us on this trip. We normally try to spend the night at the airport before we catch a morning flight for two reasons. The first is that it gives us a day to decompress and get a good night's sleep before the long flight home. Similarly, it means we don't have to get up before dawn to catch a flight to our departure airport, dodging the possibility of a delay that could cause us to miss our connection.

Our tolerance for cities -- even spectacular cities -- is about two days. So we have probably spent a week in Paris, but on three different trips. At one time, I was thinking that with a whole day at the airport, we could take a train into Paris for lunch and a bit of poking around an area of the city we hadn't seen yet. But we were both in the winding-down mode and just couldn't muster the energy.

Maybe we're just getting old, but we're enjoying our lives! Paris will always be there and we'll be back again sometime. I believe that to preserve your sanity you always have to travel with the idea that you will be back and don't have to knock yourself out to see it all on this trip. Sooner or later you will be wrong, of course, but in the meantime you'll save your sanity!

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