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October 24 - Sydney

What can you say about flying for 14 hours straight? Actually, it was easier than I was prepared for - we left at 11 in the evening and arrived at 6 in the morning (but two days later!) It seems like there is construction going on everywhere as Sydney gets ready for the Olympic Games in 2000. The weather has been gorgeous - their late October weather is about what we experience in late April.

I didn't think we would do much today except sleep, but we did manage to get out for lunch. The hotel we are staying at is adjacent to Sydney's Chinatown area and it was jumping this afternoon. I spent the morning wandering from computer shop to computer shop trying to find out why my modem wouldn't respond to the Aussie phone system (finally found the answer, obviously) while Margene caught a few hours sleep. Then a late lunch at a small local joint, some people-watching at Market City, an incredibly busy local market complex and a light dinner at the hotel. By tomorrow we should be totally in synch and ready to explore.

To see photos of Market City, click here.

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