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October 29 - Brisbane

Today was a bit of a resting cycle for us. Max picked us up at 7am for the run to the airport, then a short flight to Brisbane. This is close to overtaking Melbourne as the second largest city in Australia but it still has a small-town feel. The weather is gorgeous - warm without being oppressive. I can see why this is considered the Florida of Australia.

I had lunch with Susan Rallings, the owner of the speakers bureau who booked me for my programs tomorrow. Margene napped while I took care of business with Susan and the folks setting up the AV for the meeting tomorrow. The rest of the afternoon was cleaning up the diary entries for the preceding few days, ironing clothes and other maintenance chores.

We finally headed off for an early dinner, walking through downtown Brisbane to the Botanic Gardens, then along the banks of the Brisbane River for dinner at a restaurant called ChaChaChar, winner of the American Express designation as the best new restaurant in Queensland for 1998.

To see the photos of the Botanic Gardens, click here.

To see the photos of ChaChaChar (and the fair Margene), click here.

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