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November 2 - Shorncliffe, Queensland

A little bit of business to do today, so on to the electric train and into Brisbane city - about a half hour ride . . . for about US$2.00 round trip! I had lunch with Tracy Krause, Marketing Manager of Atlantic Publishing to talk about how we could distribute my books in Australia. Lots of good ideas (and an excellent lunch!) Time will tell, but it keeps feeling more and more like I will be back here next year.

Bob Marsh, our host here in Shorncliffe, has taken up woodturning since he retired and today he made us a bowl out of Moreton Bay fig, a gorgeous local wood. The only shot I have to offer today is of Bob in his shop making the bowl, but how many of you ever see the craftsman at work making something that graces your home?

For our final meal before heading to Melbourne, we went to Morgan's Seafood Restaurant on the Redcliffe Peninsula, one of the more successful local operators. The dining experience was comparable to what I am used to in the US (except for the menu items.) I have had Moreton Bay Bugs at Mike Hurst's 15th Street Fisheries in Ft. Lauderdale, but they are not quite the same as the Moreton Bay Bugs you get on Moreton Bay!

For dinner, we tried a Michelton Cabernet Sauvignon from Victoria. Exceptional! Margene and I visited the Michelton Winery when we were in Australia in 1987 - perhaps we will drop in there again when we get to Victoria tomorrow.

For photos of the craftsman at work, click here.

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