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May 25 - Montecastello de Vibio,Todi

Since it is our last full day in Italy, at least for this trip, we decided to stay a little closer to home. We thought we could find lunch in Montecastello de Vibio, the little town up the hill from us here. We didn't find lunch, but we did find a totally beautiful little town with postcard photo ops around every corner. I included a couple under "Local Color." Not finding anything up the hill, we returned to the villa and did lunch on the patio - wine, cheese, fruit - very civilized!

The afternoon was for packing and siesta (except for me who continues to type away on the diary!) In the late afternoon, we decided to wander around Todi a bit before dinner. We returned to Le Palme for dinner, as much to see Domenico and Christiano as for the food, which was excellent as always. We still managed to get out for under $50 a couple. How can you go wrong?

Local color

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