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May 27 - Nuits St. Georges

What a spot! We slept in a bit and woke to a sunny day with the soft sound of the waterfall, the sun on the river and the old stone buildings of the village across the water. After a leisurely breakfast (coffee, cheeses, bread and homemade jams) we went off exploring. We stayed on the small roads down through Dijon and onto the wine road that runs down past Beaune. Along this road are most of the legendary wineries of Burgundy. Being Sunday, few were open but just the feel of the little wine villages was special.

We stopped in Nuits St. Georges, about halfway to Beune, for a late lunch in a small café on the square under the clock tower. Then we noticed some posters advertising a Marché de Potiers (a ceramics market) in the neighborhood, so spent an hour or so looking over the wares of 30 local potters. Some were traditional, some quite contemporary. We were tempted but did not add more ceramics to the booty.

Winding our way back to Fontaine-Francaise, we encountered a new cast of characters for the evening rituals. Renne and Ben, the young New Jersey/London couple were still here and we were joined by Dave and Diane (he originally from Savannah, she from Mississippi) who have been living in Germany for the past 26 years, working for the US Government. We also had an older couple from Belgium with us for the evening which, with Patrick, Laurence and Christelle, made it eleven for dinner. The meal was stewed chicken and rice with some strange sausage-like dish that I really didn't want to know the details of! Dessert was flaming Bananas Foster, brilliantly served by Margene. While dining this way is not giving us much insight into the restaurants of France, it definitely is giving us an insight into French cooking! It is also a great deal of fun!

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Le Café Bellfoir, Nuit St. Georges . . . and Margene

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