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May 28 - Gray, Chateau de Rosieres

We are definitely (and finally) winding down. Today we slept late, perhaps helped by the fact that we were up until midnight talking with Dave and Dianne, an American couple working in Germany. In any case, we set out at the crack of noon in search of adventure, truly having no idea where we were going or what we planned to see. So we did the American thing -- drove around burning up fossil fuel! Eventually we wound up in the town of Gray and had lunch on a shady terrace overlooking the River Saône and the park. Lunch was nothing special in itself, but the setting was peaceful.

We just wandered around through small villages along the river, taking in the local color. We found a few chateaux along the way, one of which, Chateau de Rosieres, we actually managed to tour. It was this amazing old stone fort, really -- parts of which date back to the 1200's. It is now owned by a young couple who undoubtedly will spend the rest of their lives (and all of their money) trying to put it back into some sort of working order . . . and will likely never finish the job!

We have had a changing of the guard at Le Moulin Vieux. All the weekend guests left today and two new couples arrived late this afternoon. One couple is from London returning from the Monaco Grand Prix. The other couple is Belgian, now living in Thailand, on the way to spend two weeks at a house they own in southern France. We enjoyed the usual aperitif hour and a marvelously simple dinner. I am really liking this style!

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