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May 7 - Brittany

Margene has recovered and the sun has come out -- must be time for a Brittany road trip! As usual, we started the day fashionably late but managed to cover a lot of ground. I am still surprised at how close things are over here.

Our first stop was the neighboring town of St. Malo. Their old town still has the medieval wall intact although the town was heavily bombed during WWII. We picked up a simple sandwich for lunch, strolled along the wall for a ways and then headed for le Mont St. Michel as the sky started spitting rain.

Le Mont St. Michel is the village and monastery perched on a rock in the middle of the bay. You will recognize the photo. At any rate, it is a tourist magnet and we are definitely not tourists. We talked out way into the parking lot with the understanding that we would leave immediately ... and they made sure we did!

Then it was southeast to Fourgeres, another walled city that sounded interesting ... but wasn't! So we headed back toward home and the neighboring town of Dinan ... not to be confused with Dinard where we are staying. Dinan turned out to be just what we had been searching for all day -- a real medieval city that was still intact. Every street is a postcard shot. In fact, I took so many photos that culling them out and editing them for this trip report took an extra day.

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