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May 16 - Minerve

The original plan was to drive to Carcassone, about an hour and half away ... but at this point in the trip we just did not have the energy for another three hours of driving. So we settled for a brief tour around the area. We started with a tour of Joyce's art studio and then went over to take a look at her new home which is being built in a tiny village about 4km away. She is excited about all the new space she will have, as she should be. It is going to be a lovely home with much larger quarters for guests. We will be back.

Joyce suggested that we visit the old village of Minerve which proved to be both a charming and historic place. See the photos on the following pages for the story. (As you can see, my story-telling energy is dropping quickly as well. Must be about time to go home!)

Tomorrow we head for London for the night, then back to Seattle on Tuesday. Good thing, too, because I have to present a seminar in Seattle on Wednesday! I expect I will add to today's dissertation in the next few days, but for now ... it is time to get packed!


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