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May 1 - Dinner in the Country

Rodrigo de Vivar is split into two areas -- the apartments around the piazza in town and several suites and apartments in the country, including a small restaurant available only to hotel guests. We thought, "Why not?" and we are very glad we did.

Wood-fired cooking is very common in Italy. I suspect that most of our meal tonight was cooked ... or at least finished ... in this oven. May 1 is a holiday in most of Europe, certainly in Italy. So tonight we had entertainment with dinner. The duo sings mainly American blues. The female is one of Massimo's daughters. I thought it was interesting that she spoke English with a heavy Italian accent but there was not a trace of it when she sang the English lyrics to the songs.

Our unexepected dinner companions were Lance and Flor. She is from Argentina originally and he was born and brought up in San Diego. He is with the US State Department stationed in northern Afganistan right now while she moved to San Diego after they got married a year or so ago. At the moment they see each other about four times a year ... and this week was one of the times! Interesting people with fascinating stories to tell. I love surprises like tonight!

The burg by night was magical!

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