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May 5 - Montepulciano -- Still Raining!

Sometimes you win the weather game, sometimes you lose. I can only remember one or two rainy days in all of our past trips, so I suppose we were due for a week of rain. We set off bravely for the Saturday market but didn't find it. Either our information was wrong or it is in a different spot than the Thursday market was. Probably a bit of both. Nothing lost, though. There will still be a chance to find porchetta before we head south.

This is our last full day in Montepulciano so we just wandered around town, dodging the showers and poking in shops. We had a nice (if expensive) lunch at Caffe Poliziano, briefly considered buying a set of their espresso cups (cool idea, but at $20 for the cup and saucer, a bit much) and headed back to the hotel for an afternoon nap. Actually, Margene had the nap. I tried to get caught up on the diary.

We had hoped to run into Ken and Audene in the hopes of having them join us for dinner, but they didn't make it back to the hotel by the time we had to leave. Being an engineer, he had programmed their GPS system for some spectacular local driving tour. I suspect they were either still on the tour ... or hopelessly lost in the backwaters of Tuscany!

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