The Daily Diary of a Wandering Restaurateur
May 5 - Mueble il Riccio

We found this place on the Slow Travel website, but apparently it is also a Rick Steves favorite. Small wonder.

The hotel is only six rooms, part of an ancient palazzo just 20 yards off Piazza Grande. A terrific location ... although literally everything in town is downhill from here!

As always, it is the people that make it work. The place is owned by Ivana and Gio, assisted at the moment by their daughter Elena, a PhD student in, of all things, Japanese! Their English is better than our Italian and they have all been extremely gracious and very helpful.

Margene would probably say that this is what I look like on this trip -- many more hours on the computer than usual (or desired). However, I said I would post a daily online diary ... and a promise is a promise!

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