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May 8 - The Road to Amalfi

Reluctantly we said our goodbyes to Panicale this morning and headed for the open road. The drive south took about four hours or so (and 20 euros -- almost $30 at the current exchange rate). The Amalfi coast is south of Naples along a rocky stretch of the Mediterranean and, I admit, is as spectacular as we were lead to believe.

Now that we have seen it, however, it is not a spot we particularly recommend for reasons that I will share over the next couple of days. The coast road is notorious for being narrow, heavily trafficked and jammed with busses. It was all that ... and this is not even the heavy tourist season! I am told that in the summer, locals are only allowed to drive the road every other day -- odd days if your license plate is an odd number, even days for even numbers. Tourists can drive anytime ... but after being on it, I wouldn't bring a car in here again ... and there really is no need to.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I think I will save myself some typing time and just let the photos tell the story far better than I can. Ciao for now.

The Road to Amalfi

Panicale to Amalfi

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