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May 9 - Positano

It doesn't take long to see most of the action spots in Amalfi and frankly we were tired of fighting the crowds of tourists. The tour busses from Sorrento and Naples arrive in the morning like so many circus elephants, disgorge their cargos of Americans, Germans, Brits and whoever. They swarm through town like locusts buying garish souvenirs (many made in China!) until they load up again and the circus bumps out of town.

We thought a good option would be to take the boat to Positano and check it out. I knew we didn't want to try driving there (!) and the half-hour cruise along the Amalfi Coast sounded like a pleasant way to spend the morning. The clouds were low when we started out but the sun came out after we got to Positano and stayed with us the rest of the day. Actually we have had sunny days ever since Monday and the weather promises to stay good for the rest of our time in Italy.

A couple of hours of walking past endless shops was about all we could take, so after a stop for some cold refreshment and another for gelato, we caught the ferry back to Amalfi to search for lunch.

The Road to Positano and a Look Around Town

Dining on the Amafi Coast

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