The Daily Diary of a Wandering Restaurateur
May 9 - Dining on the Amalfi Coast

We were certainly in no position to visit a representative sample of all the dining options in this heavily tourist-oriented area. I will, however, pass along a few observations on the ones we did try.

We took a break in the shade to cool off with some frosty beverages and get out of the Positano sun for a bit. A little goes a long way with me!

Lunch back in Amalfi at the Il Tari, a local pizzeria recommended by the hotel. It clean, reasonably priced and the food was good. They did everything right, but didn't give us anything unique to remember them by.

Dinner at Da Maria was memorable for the story they told about the homemade pasta they were featuring that night. It reminded me again that you not only must have stories about what you are doing ... but you also need to tell people!

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