The Daily Diary of a Wandering Restaurateur
May 10 - Amalfi

In most Italian towns, the heart of the action is on the main piazza which is usually dominated by the church. In the case of Amalfi, the church really dominates!

Aside from the waterfront area, all the commercial development in Amalfi seems to be along one narrow main street leading off the central piazza. This road is also the only means of access to the rest of the town, meaning that any vehicle traffic also has to come along here. Access is limited to local cars and those foolish visitors (like us) foolish enough to drive in ... but only if you are staying at one of the hotels up the street. Traffic is controlled -- more or less -- by a well-hidden traffic signal that allows travel in only one direction at a time (unless you have a Vespa at which point it seems you can go anywhere you want anytime you want. Traffic rules do not seem to apply to scooters.) As you might imagine, threading a vehicle through crowds of shoppers can be a piece of work. When you are driving a truck, like the guy on the right, it is nearly impossible!

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