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May 11 - The Road to Rome

There's not a whole lot to say about a travel day. We catch a flight to Athen tomorrow afternoon and just felt better about spending the night near the Rome airport so we didn't have any last-minute drama (or trauma) trying to make it through traffic on a schedule.

Having seen what the twisting Amalfi coast road was like, I thought it better to take another twisting road out of the area. This one went up over the mountains toward Naples where we could pick up the autostrade for Rome. There were still the tight turns to reckon with, but thankfully virtually no oncoming traffic to dodge. Once we got on the autostade, it was clear sailing until we hit the traffic on the ring road around Rome. (Whew! Try saying that fast twice!)

We had originally hoped to get there in time to make our previously-abandoned visit to Ostia Antica, but it was not to be. So we found our way to the Rome airport where I had burned enough of my hotel points to get a free room and settled in to regroup, repack and get ready for the next leg of the adventure.

The Road to Rome ... and a Rant on Mediocrity

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