The Daily Diary of a Wandering Restaurateur
May 15 - Home Cookin'

Well, sort of home cookin' ...

Breakfast usually involves a short walk to the bakery for fresh pastries and two out of three falls trying to make the coffee. Until now, the coffee-making process has also involved a mop and bucket ... but today we got lucky!

We saw this little place when we were searching for a good spot to watch the sunset last night and thought it was worth a try. It has sort of a Polish-Greek thing happening which makes for an interesting menu, but we settled for gyros, salads and the usual adult beverages. Decent food at a cheap price! What's not to like about that?

Having escaped a huge dinner tab, we stopped for dessert on the walk back to the house ... and promptly brought the food bill back up to where it normally was! Dessert was nearly as much as our entire dinner! Chalk that up to the power of merchandising! I mean, how could you look at this display of desserts (you look right in on it from the street) and not want to place an order?

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