The Daily Diary of a Wandering Restaurateur
May 15 - Chillin' in the Villa

Where there are cruise ships, can the busses be far behind? We watched in shock and awe as the hordes descended on our quiet little sanctuary. Little did we know that this is what we can expect every day!

The house was in need of a little maintenance (falling shower rods and those sorts of minor repairs). The owner gave us the OK to do what needed to be done ... and to put it on his tab at the local hardware store. But for that, I doubt that Don and I would ever have wandered into Maria's. I suppose the business has a name but everybody in town just calls it Maria's. She is a well-dressed woman who knows her hardware, although how she ever finds anything is amazing. But find it she did ... including the elusive coffee maker we trooped all over Thira looking for yesterday! We borrowed the tools we needed from Spiro and got the place back in better shape than it was when we arrived. That always feels good ... and added to the sense of being a local resident, however temporary.

We passed the day in the shade of the terrace, enjoying the breeze that kept the temperature perfect and watching the folks in the neighboring houses scurry about. I keep thinking that the view from our terrace would make an incredible jigsaw puzzle. Perhaps I'll have that done. The other afternoon passtime was the usual consumption of calories. We had the equivalent of two pizza left from dinner the night before and the better part of a case of beer in the fridge, so there really wasn't any need to go out. By the end of the afternoon, however, it was a different story. Margene will probably shoot me for including this picture, but she looks so demure in all the other photos that I need to show that she can hold her own with the big kids!

As the shadows lengthened, the parade of elephants rumbled back around the mountain, the ships set sail for the next port and things in Ia slowed down to the pace of life.

(Heavy sigh. Fade to black.)

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