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May 18 - Far Niente

Far Niente means the sweetness of doing nothing ... and that was pretty much the story of our last full day on Santorini. The chilly wind that came up yesterday afternoon continued and the sky promised rain. It was a good day for reading, shopping, pre-packing, finishing the beer in the fridge and generally enjoying the sweetness of doing nothing.

The last dinner, of course, had to be across the street at Spiro's. This man has been such a help to us. Whenever we had a question about anything, we took it to Spiro who was never too busy to help with directions, explanations ... or power tools.

In some ways it feels like the trip is ending, but we are just moving the party to Athens for the next few days, after which the six of us all head back to Gig Harbor, but by three different routes. This phase of the adventure has truly been memorable and I will undoubtedly wax philosophical about it in a later re-write.

Farewell to Ia

The Last Day on Santorini ... Until the Next Time

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