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May 21 - Adios to Athens

Athens is certainly an ancient and historic city ... or at least parts of it are ... and you have to marvel at the state of the Greek civilization so many centuries ago. But with six million people in the area, it is hard to get a feel for it in the way we could identify with the village of Ia on Santorini. I suppose that is an apples-to-oranges sort of comparison, culturally as well as architecturally. Still, for us it is always about the people and the people on Santorini seemed to have more time to connect with us. As Gandhi once said, "There is more to life than just increasing its pace."

It was nice to have a down day to catch up on last-minute projects, but I could have left Athens today and still felt good. Perhaps it is just passing the three-week mark, but this is the time when my brain starts shifting to thoughts of home and a return to what passes for a routine. Travel will expand your mind and open your eyes to new possibilities, but you have to go back home to put those insights to work. The Universe rewards action and without action, nothing new ever happens.

And so we wrap up another corporate meeting. Tomorrow it is back in the air for the long ride back to Gig Harbor. I will return with a host of new ideas, a renewed sense of purpose ... and perhaps a bit of jet lag! There will be a pile of mail to sort through, messages to answer, laundry to do and appointments to make. Oh, and I fly to Florida on Thursday for a couple of seminars. Good thing I am still young and resilient!

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