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January 21 - Amsterdam(Sorta)

The flight from Seattle to Europe is ten hours. The flight from Europe to Delhi is another ten hours. There may have been a time when I would volunteer for a flight that long ... but that time has is past. What good is getting there a day sooner if we spend the first week recovering from terminal jet lag?

The original plan was to spend the day in Paris, get a good night's sleep, then fly to Amsterdam in the morning to catch the flight to Delhi, but the weather report was calling for the possibility of snow and I didn't want to be in a position where there was a connection we absolutely HAD to make, so we made a fast itinerary switch and went from Paris right to Amsterdam.

We have been in Amsterdam before and will spend a day here on the way back, so there was no particular pressure to do much more than settle into an airport hotel ... and sleep for 12 hours! Margene didn't even have enough energy for dinner, so I made a fast run across the parking lot to a mini dining complex (built over the highway!) for a fast sandwich. I found a lot more than just a fast sandwich, though.>

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