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February 4 - The Road to Jodhpur

"A good traveler has no set plans and is not intent on arriving."
                                                -- Lao Tzu (Chinese philosopher)

Our modes of travel have ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous -- planes, trains and now automobiles ... Oh, and rickshaws (both powered and pedaled). About the only forms of transportation we have missed are elephants and camels ... and I suspect we will cross at least one of those off the list before we leave here!

We really hated to say goodbye to Udaipur. Of all the places we have visited here so far, this is the one where we could most imagine spending extended time. But with the planes grounded, along the ground we went in our shiny black Renault.

It is about a five-hour drive to Jodhpur but we broke it up with a stop at the Ranakpur Temples -- incredibly ornate and probably a career for a few hundred stone carvers. The photos will have to tell the story because I really don't have words that could possibly convey the proper picture.

The original plan was two nights in Jodhpur but changing the mode of travel to a car forced us to split our time here. So it is just an overnight stop. We go on to Jaisalmer in the morning but will be back again for a second night before we catch our flight to Delhi. That one had better be operating or we will REALLY have to get creative!

The Road Trip to Jodpur

The Ranakpur Temples & Devi Bhawan

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