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May 31 - Lake Como

What do you do with a gorgeous day on Lake Como? Get on a boat and ride around Lake Como! Unlike some folks for whom vacations are marathons, our usual routine is about three hours of activity a day (including lunch!) followed by an afternoon nap and dinner. As someone pointed out once, we are travelers not tourists. However, Margene found a travel book and learned about Villa Carlotta, on the water across the lake, so we checked the boat schedule and headed off at the crack of 11 to check it out.

After looking around the Villa and the gardens, we hopped on the boat to Bellagio and had lunch. I spent half an hour in a local wine shop finding just the right bottle of Barbaresco for my friendly neighborhood wine merchant at home (got to stay on the good side of the wine merchants!) then it was back to Varenna by way of Mennagio for gelato and a nap! Another tough day on the Lake!

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