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June 1 - Lake Como

Another sunny day, another cruise on the lake. We were thinking about taking the train into Milan to see a few sights, but it looked like most of them would be closed on Sunday and the weather has still been hotter than normal. We took the ferry down to Como at the southern tip of the western branch of the lake, about a two-hour run each way. I admit it was quite a commute for lunch (about the only constructive thing to do in Como that I could see) but the water was pleasant, the breeze was cooling and the scenery, as you can see, was spectacular.

It had rained in the middle of the night our first two nights here -- today it didn't wait. In the middle of dinner, the skies opened, the wind came up and the patio was quickly evacuated in favor of the inside dining room. We ended up sharing a table with a delightful German couple whose English was very good. The discussion ranged from travel to politics and back again. Travel is always about the people.

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