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May 18 - What to do on a rainy day?

The first thing to do, of course, is laundry. Normally you would hang the clothes outside to dry, but in the rain, that is not really an option. So you just have to improvise. I doubt that we will ever have classier supports for a clothesline than we found yesterday!

I had to give the pool table a workout ... but it was brief. I am not really sure what this table is designed for. It has pockets but they are cut too tight to be workable for normal pool games like 8-ball. It has billiard balls, but the pockets seem to make straight billiards impractical. It could be a snooker table, but I have no idea what that game would look like. The pockets were an interesting construction, though. So ... the table is a Wow in the photographs but relatively unworkable, at least for this lad.


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