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October 28 - Cuzco

A 10:00 plane from Lima to Cuzco sounded like a leisurely schedule when I booked the flight, but by the time you factor in the drive time to the airport and the hotel's suggestion that we should arrive two-hours before flight time ... well, suffice it to say that it was an early wake-up call. arrival

For the Incas, Qosqo meant "navel of the world" and they believed their spelndid city was the source of life. It was at least the capital of the Inca empire. Cuzco is still one of the major cities of Peru although tiny in comparison to the sprawl of Lima.

This is the city most tourists come to visit, so while the area is rich in history, it has all the trappings that repel Margene and I, who think of ourselves as travelers rather than tourists. However, there is really not much choice in Peru as you would have to be insane to try to drive around here ... and you cannot drive to Machu Picchu at all.

Peru is a typical third world country, with the majority of the population living at a bare subsistance level and the air heavy with diesel fumes. The part that has been the most unsettling for us is the constant barrage of people either trying to beg money or sell us touristy knick-knacks, postcards and the like.

We are also finding that the air at 11,000 feet really takes it out of us. The idea is to take it slow, rest up and drink a lot of water. Hopefully tomorrow will find us moving a little faster.

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