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It's In the Bag

As proof that there really is a God, our lost bag finally made it home this morning. And just think, we only lost a day and a half of elapsed time to tracking it down or waiting for a call that it was in Porto. I don't even want to see the cellular bill for international calls about all this. Today we just had to stay in the apartment until around noon because the bag was out for delivery and if nobody was here when the truck arrived, they would just take the bag back to the airport and it would be our problem to go out there and get it.

Of course, right after the bag arrived, we went to the airport anyway to turn in our rental car with the busted window for an identical car without a busted window. That process only took about three hours round trip. They charged me $400 or so for the window replacement which I hope will be covered by insurance when I get home.

So now that all the current snafus are solved, after seven days in Porto we are left with one free day tomorrow to do whatever we want! Ain't life grand?

Our one [dare I say productive?] effort of the day was a stop at a larger supermarket on the way back from the airport so Margene could find some hand lotion. But turn her loose with a camera in a Portuguese supermarket and what does she do? She takes pictures of fish! I will admit that the Portuguese have it all over us when it comes to an obsession with fish. Flat fillets of dried cod are everywhere. Note the large open display in the first photo. I don't recall seeing a whole fresh eel in a market before and there were a few butt-ugly fish I didn't recognize. But I guess nothing succeeds like excess and when in comes to marketing fish to the public in Porto, they've got it down.

That's it. That's what the sum total of what our day was about on this dream odyssey across the big pond! I hope we can come up with something more interesting to share with you tomorrow.

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