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Kayaking on the Sorge River

Several years ago, Margene and I rented a delightful home on the banks of the Sorge River just outside the town of Ile-Sur-La-Sorge. The source of the river is just a few kilometers upstream and the water flowed past our door cool, clear and strong, bringing with it the occasional kayakers.

The weather had been so hot on the first week of the trip that the idea of a few hours on the water seemed like a totally civilized idea, so I headed off with Heidi and Eric for our adventure on the water.

It was, in fact, a lovely eight kilometers downstream ... perhaps two hours or so on the water ... with virtually no development along the shores. There were a couple of small dams that we had to climb over but no rapids or white water. Despite the lack of good excuses, I did manage to flip the kayak and drop into the only deep part of the river.

My camera was tied to my life jacket so I didn't lose it to gravity (there were divers working the river picking up lost treasure from the tourists!) ... but I did effectively lose it. The combination of water and electronics is not a good one.

I was able to salvage the memory chip, however, so you have the distinct privilege of viewing the last photos my brave little Sony ever took.

Do you know a better way to spend a hot day in Provence?

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