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Role Models

It was halfway through the first week of the trip before I could get online via my own laptop, meaning that nothing has been posted to my daily trip reports.

A few days later we went kayaking down the Sorge river and I flipped over ... with my camera in my pocket! Now I am camera-less. It is at least ten degrees hotter than usual right now and I am dying! Oh yes, and I am having a blast!

Stuff happens no matter where you are or what you are doing. The question is how you decide to think about these unexpected changes.

I certainly have known people who could spend a week or more complaining about something ... the bathroom is too small, parking is a hassle, I dented my rental car, it's too hot/cold/wet/dry, nothing like ___ ever happens at home. From time to time I might even have been one of those people. What a waste!

If getting upset could correct any of these situations, it might be worth a try. However, I expect that nothing much would change (except my attitude) and therefore there is no reason to go nuts. So we just decide that it is all good news, make the best of what life brings our way and move on to more productive activities.

I think whining is just a bad habit that some people develop. Because it is a habit, it tends to be invisible to the whiner. That invisibility is why you cannot allow yourself to ever set foot on that slippery slope. Worse yet, whining begets whining in others. What a wonderful work environment that is!

It always is what it is. You can love it or you can hate it ... but your attitude will never change anything but your own enjoyment of life. As I often say, you are the role model whether you want the job or not.

What are you modeling?

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