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December 10 - Chillin' at Casa Turire

Sometimes you just gotta do it ... nothing. Nada. Zilch. Just take a day and waste it completely. Just BE. Today was one of those days. Here we are in a beautiful setting, in a beautiful building, surrounded by the wonders of nature and the best way to enjoy it is not to run around trying DOING stuff and SEEING stuff. I know, it is almost un-American -- certainly against the stereotype -- but it sure felt good.

The day dawned bright and sunny. We enjoyed a late breakfast on the patio overlooking the pool with the flowers blooming, birds singing, the wind rustling the palms ... and about 75 degrees. This is my idea of perfect! Because we are a little way up into the mountains here, the temperature is several degrees cooler than it would be in the city ... and none of the suffocating heat and humidity of Dominical. There were brief rain showers throughout the day, just often enough to help us rationalize our course of (in)action when the Puritan ethic starts to sneak up on us.

Lest you think us totally sloth-like, we did manage to wander around the grounds a bit but mostly Margene putzed in the room and took a nap, I got in a little computer time and did a lot of reading. While all this was going on, the hotel was doing our laundry, meaning that we can leave in the morning fully re-loaded for the rest of the trip. After another decent dinner in the restaurant, we called it a day ... a very good day.

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