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February 12 - The Road to Rothenburg

Our flight from Seattle to Amsterdam was delayed for over an hour due to mechanical glitches so of course we missed our connection to Stuttgart. The Amsterdam airport is better than most, but five hours is a long time to sit in limbo. At least there is the World Club to hang out in. Another plus was wireless Internet access, the last easy access I have found. There is only one spot in Rothenburg to connect and I didn’t find it until we were just about out of town. As a result, we were not able to post anything to the website until Tuesday ... but I am getting ahead of myself.

We finally got into Stuttgart and picked up the rental car. They offered my an upgrade to a C-class Mercedes and it seemed like too good an offer not to accept. We were, after all, in Germany. The car is very smooth and very quick, both plusses in my book.

Rothenburg is about an hour and a half northeast of Stuttgart just over the line into Bavaria. We had heard that it was about the best-preserved medieval walled city in Germany and I must say that the description seems to fit. Figuring out how to get into the city is a piece of work because the old wall is still completely intact, there are only a few gates and we had no idea where we were going once we got inside ... but we figured it out. This place is truly magical and very much a time warp sort of experience.

The B&B we are staying in is also an ancient building just inside the city wall. Our room is small but has an ensuite bath, one of Margene’s necessities for civilized travel. After we got here and found the place, the only thing left to do was head out for dinner. The owners of this place also own a hotel about three blocks away. The building is over 600 years old and their restaurant sounded good. It was.

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